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2022 what's next?

Could 2022 be the year that covid starts to fade away? I don't know, but I sincerely hope so.

I know I'm looking forward to celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in June, a new inspiration to create amazing dinnerware for both indoor and outdoor eating, with complimentary napery.

Gathering over food brings such togetherness and joy no matter what the celebration. It is a custom that has always played an important part in our lives, eating out or entertaining at home. For me the key to creating a day or evening of ambience and style is having beautiful tableware and napery.

This year the trends are all about expressing yourself through colour, shapes and layering.

When it comes to the Queens Platinum Jubilee of course we'll see lots of red, white and blue, so you won't be surprised to learn brilliant reds and elegant blues will be trending this year,

but also look out for sun-drenched yellows. These vibrant colours will bring a spirited energy to any gathering and when combined with free and loose hand painted pattern, how can you not think about outdoor dining and summer holidays.

You may recall from one of my earlier YouTube feature, I mentioned the "cottagecore" movement. and we saw a return to a nostalgic country life, bringing a trend for the romance of florals across a wide range of products including table linens. This year bright pattern will be popular for napery so we can satisfy our yearning to once again sit at a sunny Mediterranean table, preferably wrinkled and relaxed and of course I'm referring to the linen table cloth not myself.

​For the more seductive indoor elegant dinner party, raunchy browns will be the centre of attention. Reintroducing the 1970's charming colours of turmeric, cinnamon, mustard and red pepper these rich colours will create a relaxing warm aesthetic with depth.

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