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Getting on with it !!

What a weird year it's been so far, but like everyone else I'm still here plodding along getting on with life the best I can with all these restrictions in place.

I sincerely hope everyone is safe and well.

As far as business is concerned well of course it has been quiet, as you'll see from my earlier blogs I've been trying to do those admin jobs that I always put off in favour of being creative.

I'm still working part time for Tesco and I returned there a few weeks ago after being furloughed for 12 weeks. I've now started to pick up my design business again, keeping the motivation is the main challenge but like everyone else I'm doing the best I can in strange times.

My latest collaboration is with The Look Company Europe, they will be producing wallpapers with my designs. Click on the link below, you'll see what they're all about.

Since I started collaborating with The Look Company it has inspired me to go back to some of my older projects and develop my work so you might see some familiar designs popping up on my website and social media which have been tweaked or I've applied to new products.

All my products are made to order so if you see a design which you'd prefer in a different colour or on a different product please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas. I am tailoring my business to produce beautiful wallpapers with complimentary accessories which will suit any home or venue.

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