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I've heard many designers saying pattern design will cross over from home interiors into fashion. I don't believe this is strictly true. As a designer I think the initial artwork has potential to become suitable for interiors or fashion but I think once you start the pattern design process a decision has to be made whether you are designing for interiors or fashion. It is unlikely you will ever find me trying to put a pattern I've designed for an interior onto a fashion product or vice verca.

Most of my designs start out as hand drawn or hand painted artwork which has been inspired by my surroundings. Although, I have to confess however, during lockdown and throughout most of the pandemic I've been leaning more towards trends and mooching through my archive photographs trying to get inspiration without venturing too far.

I think recently the artwork I've created has lent it's self to fashion pattern more than interiors and I know I've spent a lot of time recently promoting my scarf designs, but please don't forget I also design patterns for the interior setting.

Home interiors is my main passion, usually when I start to design I automatically lean towards designing a wallpaper which then seems to morph into tableware or home accessories. I thought it would be nice to create a promo video for Home Interior Trends for 2021, lets see if this wets your appetite, I know I'm feeling fired up to create my next stunning wallpaper and complimentary home accessories.

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