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It's been a while!!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

So you'll be wondering what I've been up to. Well I had a routine operation on my right hand in February 2019 which was a complete success and my hand is now great. Unfortunately the surgery triggered a problem with my heart which was causing my heart to be too fast, this left me feeling breathless and light headed, this became gradually worse through the year resulting in me being virtually housebound for 5 months, until the correct medication was prescribed and only then did I feel a slight improvement. Consequently I had to undergo a surgery on my heart and this happened in November 2019. Thanks to the NHS staff, consultants, doctors and nurses my heart has returned to normal and I'm feeling much better.

The pure stress of the whole situation without adding on the fatigue and generally being unwell took its toll on my design work and I feel like I've had to start from scratch now I'm feeling better.

My main opportunity which I secured while poorly was a place on the New Talent platform at the Surface Design Show in London so since my operation I've been focusing on getting fit and healthy in time for that. My studio has undergone a makeover and I've created 3 new designs which are the beginnings for 3 collections. The eagle eyed amongst you my have noticed a snippet of the new designs on my home page.

I am having 2 of the designs printed onto wallpaper to show off at the Surface Design Show and the third will be printed onto furnishing fabric. These 3 designs have to be my favourite yet, they look fresh and I had a clear vision when designing them I'm really pleased with how they've turned out.

I still have a lot of organising to do for the Surface Design Show, London and for those who may fancy a day trip, you will find my work on display at Stand NT25, Surface Design Show, Business Design Centre, Islington, London from the 11th Feb to 13th Feb 2020.

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