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Did you know coffee was the most popular drink in Turkey until the 20th Century and now Turkey drinks the most tea in the world, even more than in the UK !!

Turkey are followed by Morocco, then Ireland who are followed closely by England.

The most popular tea in England and the UK is by far Black Tea. Black Tea is the one which predominantly fills the supermarket shelves and is the most commonly offered drink in any home you may visit.

Black tea is followed by Earl Grey, Oolong and Herbal teas.

To other countries, tea in England is referred to as "Breakfast Tea" and is mostly taken with milk and some of us Brits will add one or two teaspoons of sugar or artificial sweetener for the calorie conscious. The sweetener is applied to reduce the bitterness from the tea.

As I said in my earlier blog, I can't resist a mug of tea after a full cooked breakfast, for me the two go hand in hand.

Black Tea is mostly consumed in teabag form, but did you know finer tea particles are used so you get a faster steeping process which provides a stronger taste. Kenyan and Assam tea being the most popular. In contrast slower steeped teapot blends provide a more flavourful experience.

It is worth noting the teabag is under threat since removing plastic from teabags prompted many consumers to seek bags made with organic materials or simply switch to loose leaf tea.

Brits typically make a pot of loose leaf tea for a more relaxing experience, so go on.....treat yourself!

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