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Spring Trend & Legendary scarf wearer

This spring the spotlight is very much on the scarf:

Of course there are plenty of new trends this spring, including pastel pieces and bamboo accessories, they all offer their own unique flair and even though we can't travel far it makes you feel much better when you've made the effort to make a splash wherever you may be.

Perfect for meeting friends in the park for a picnic is the trend that, like many styles, takes us back to fads of the past: the scarf.

Scarves have made their way back into fashion with the retro wear trend, although they're being styled differently, the modern girl are tying scarves around ponytails or the handles of bags, this way you can give a nod to the trend without looking like you're wearing a costume.

Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing the headscarf in a retro way if you can carry it off like the legendary Audrey Hepburn, who is carrying off my Kindness design so beautifully in this mock up image.

Image: Pintrest

If you've not read my earlier blogs you'll find some useful tips of how to wear a scarf in a stylish way, they're more versatile than you may think and a timeless choice for an accessory.

As always, my scarves are available in my online shop, I don't have a huge range at the moment but I'm working on other designs at the moment so please keep popping back to take a look !!

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