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The transition

2021 has been a year of transition for me. Fortunately so far I've not had any unexpected catastrophes so I'm now turning from individual sales to supplying businesses. So as society starts looking forward to shaping the future rather than just repeating the present I am also preparing for my next normal.

So my next normal is going to be different. It will not mean going back to the ideas that prevailed in 2019. Indeed, just as the terms “prewar” and “postwar” are commonly used to describe the 20th century, generations to come will likely discuss the pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 eras. I'm setting out on my post-COVID-19 adventure which will shape my next normal and I am excited to see how my business will adjust and grow.

My new business in 2019 was particularly hard hit in 2020, but it's time to bounce back. With a new direction, you will start to see my products at different businesses, particularly the ones that have a communal element, such as restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Sharon Halladay website has had a complete overhaul ready to welcome my new clientele but I hope everyone continues to enjoy my blogs and updates. I will be adding more designs as they emerge so as always keep an eye out and if you spot something you fancy please contact me.

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