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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

So yesterday I launched my new updated website. Helped by my hubby, he's very methodical while I'm very creative.......mmmmm the two do work together providing there is an element of patience thrown in !!

Anyway you can see the results for yourself and I hope you like them. I decided to announce my website changes on social media....yep, that was fun NOT. Facebook did not like my link which meant I had lots of followers contacting me to say it wasn't working and even through I tried to delete the post I had created Facebook did not like that either. I've managed to get the problem sorted this morning and hopefully everyone who wanted to take a peek managed to do so. My website will continue to grow and develop, particularly my portfolio page which will be taken down and revamped soon.

I was pleased to be able to add my new scarf to my shop, it is available in 2 colours one I'm calling "retro colours" and the other I'm calling "blue retro" . I've popped the image of each version below.

Retro colours - imagery on the scarf is a combination of collage and drawing. The text is from a 1980's copy of Smash Hits magazine.

Blue Retro

These are now available to buy at £35.00 each, I'm hand sewing the rolled hem myself so bear with me, it's a fiddly job!

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