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Sharon's story

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Officially launched in 2022 Sharon Halladay offers her designs inspired by nature, curious creatures and storytelling.

Sharon is a British surface pattern designer who applies her designs to homeware and accessories creating the must have item for nature lovers and maximalists everywhere. Sharon has always had a fascination with nature, birds and animals, she mixes inspiration from her own travels with influences from stories and fairytales, to create unique designs.


The artwork for each design is hand-drawn, painted or traditionally printed before being digitally enhanced giving a distinctive look combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques ensuring originality for every product created.

Sharon's creations include dinnerware, table apparel, accessories, luxury scarves and more.  All products are hand finished to a high quality and are Made in Britain,  ethically with premium materials and always minimising the impact on the environment. 

Please get in touch, Sharon is always happy to discuss what look you want and collaborate to produce the perfect look for you. 


Since graduating Sharon has had some interesting opportunities take a look as her story unfolds......... 



Artists story so far
Tropical Mood Board

McQueen S/S Womenswear 2019 - Hand painting project

Tortoise and Hare design
Constance fabric design and hand made 1950's style dress
Summer garden design

Exhibiting @ Bolton Museum

collaborating with
The Look Company

MoOD, Brussels 2018

Best In School

Surface Design Show 20 - New Talent

Botanical Birds Design

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