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Stylish afternoon tea

So we all know what to eat and drink for afternoon tea, but do we know how to dress??

In the comfort of your own home, I'd go with something comfy every time but what about when we're going out for that stylish afternoon tea at a luxury hotel or a quaint tea room.

Where ever you may indulge in afternoon tea deciding what to wear can sometimes become a problem, but it doesn't have to be, have fun with your look. You may be able to get away with a smart looking top and a pair of jeans but if you want to dress up it is a perfect opportunity to put on a pretty dress for women, or maybe a crisp white shirt for men.

You need to be dressed appropriately for the occasion but that doesn't mean you can't play with beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics to make your look as unique as you are.

Ladies, I'm sure you'll agree there is nothing more exciting than putting on a fancy dress and flouncing your way into the tea room, but just to help you out I've lined up a few top tips to help you to confidently style your look.

Tip #1 a light and flowy dress, accessorised with a scarf and matching bag.

Tip #2 "smart casual", these days a lot of venues have a relaxed dress code, so no need for you men to be in a jacket and tie, but keep it smart with trousers and a collared shirt, but please.....No sportswear or trainers.

Tip #3 A tea-length dress (which you won't be surprised to learn took its name from what women wore when taking tea) with a floral print styled with a flowing chiffon scarf, this would create a classic look for afternoon tea.

Tip #4 For a modern take, you could go with long skirts or a maxi dress again styled with a flowing chiffon scarf to create a chic and stylish look and for men, something trendy but dapper, some black or grey trousers, a crisp white shirt and accessorise with a cardigan or sweater.

Tip #5 last but by no means least, check the venue you're attending for afternoon tea, see what their dress code is, you don't want to look unique for the wrong reason!

Have fun with your choice, remember a scarf will immediately add chicness and will transform your outfit with style and grace. I've written many blogs showing you how you can wear a scarf properly without feeling overly accessorised. The scarf featured above is my Tea Party scarf which of course will fit perfectly with any Afternoon Tea.

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