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Innovation Platform

If you've been reading my blog, you'll see that in 2018 I was selected from over 3000 applicants to display my work at MoOD, Brussels. This year I have been selected to display a sample of my work on the Innovation Platform.

This opportunity has been offered to me by:

Trendease International The team of Jennifer Castoldi has been providing the most amazing samples since the start of the Innovation Platform. This year will be no different! 

Trendease is an online design and fashion publication.Traveling extensively to gather visions and digital images from shops, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibits, and fashion shows in all the major European fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan and many others. Trendease aims to inspire through the use of these images accompanied by interviews and articles.  

Thermochromic paints change colour with the alteration of temperature. They are widely used in a variety of serious and novel ways.

You see about 2 years ago while I was still at University I started to play with special effects paints and inks as a way of extending my drawing and painting practice. I hope in time to create a hand finished wallpaper suitable for a nursery which will change colour depending on the temperature of the room, this could then act as a guide for parents.

I've been asked to provide a sample by the start of July, so I've today ordered new Thermochromic paints.

Alongside my current woodland project (which I'll tell you more about in future blogs) I'm now creating artwork for suitable for a baby's bedroom a new one for me but here we go !!

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